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Welcome to My Knee Surgeon

This website is the home of Consultant Knee Surgeon, Mr Gordon Shepard

Mr Shepard is a consultant orthopedic surgeon based with a special interest in sports and degenerative knee surgery.

The website is designed as a patient information site with details of pathology that affects the knee and surgery for it. It also has a self-diagnosis section to help you narrow down the cause of your symptoms. Take your time looking around the site and feel free to contact Mr Shepard using the contact details supplied.

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*Figures are from data collated over a 5 year period.

Rave Reviews

"Mr Shepard is a man who gets the job done. He gives confidence to his patients. From thinking I may have to walk with a stick or on crutches, I am now happy to walk unaided. Big thanks!"

− HJ

"I just thought I would drop a quick line to say that is now three years on from my knee operation and it has not given me any trouble whatsoever. I have just completed the London marathon and it's grueling training regime without a single twinge! Many thanks"

− HL

"Throughout the whole process, from initial consult to final visit, I could not have asked for or had better treatment. The professionalism showed by Mr Shepard and his team and the friendliness, made something I had slight apprehension about a pleasant experience. Thank you"

− JH

"The quality of the care I received during the course of my treatment has been superb. Mr Shepard was extremely helpful throughout, that I fully understood my options,outcomes and aftercare requirements. I'm very grateful to him for making my experience the best it could have been."

− MC

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