Common injuries around the Knee

Sporting and work related injuries around the knee are very common. A recent study of injuries revealed that approximately 15% of all sporting injuries are sustained to the knee joint.

Knee injuries are often sustained following a twisting action and commonly contact is involved. The most well known injuries that require surgery are tears of the meniscal cartilages and anterior cruciate ligament rupture but not all people who twist their knees sustain these injuries or require surgery.

Any of the ligaments around the knee may be strained, the bones that make up the knee joint may be fractured (broken) and the tendons that move the knee may be strained or ruptured.

Serious injuries of the knee that may require medical attention usually cause significant swelling of the joint which is often obvious but may be more subtle and only be felt as an uncomfortable tightness in the knee. Immediate swelling of the knee (within 15 minutes) following an injury suggests either a fracture, an anterior cruciate ligament rupture or a major cartilage tear and the injured person should seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity.

Information regarding specific injuries can be found in the pathology section of this website.

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