"Before my hip operation I was in agony 24/7, and had to stop working, after the operation I'm back at work after 7 weeks, and completely free of pain, thanks to Mr Shepard, very highly recommend, Thanks again ."

− DD (7 weeks after THR May 2017)

"Many thanks to Mr Shepherd who did a amazing job on my full knee replacement. Cant believe l have no pain after only a few weeks. Operation was pain free,and the follow up was amazing. "

− RH (6 weeks after TKR Apr 2017)

"My left knee has been totally replaced by Mr Gordon Shepard at Euxton. Through out all stages of my treatment I found him to be relaxed, friendly but above all totally professional. He outlined the risks allied to the procedure and put me fully at my ease. The process was exactly has he outlined it from start to finish. i left the ward the day following the operation after passing the stair test, and returned home. Post op I have made excellent progress. My scar is very neat , has healed completely. I stopped using my crutches within the second week and have not used them since. I cannot thank Mr Shepard, and his team enough for their work. I waited some time before undertaking this procedure, with quite a degree of pain. Had I known it would be as it turned out I would have had it done three years ago. Thank you again."

− AC (6 weeks after TKR Apr 2017)

"Excellent service and treatment all round. My initial consultation was on 30th March 2017 and my actual procedure was only just over 3 weeks later on 24th April. I have now been signed off by Mr Shepard (9th June) and my knee feels so much stronger following the procedure and the follow-up physio appointments. Thank you so much."

− GW (6 weeks after arthroscopic surgery Apr 2017)

"From my initial consultation to my hip replacement Mr Shepard has been brilliant throughout, he has answered every question that was asked in a clear and understandable manner. Thank you very much Mr Shepard."

− EM (8 weeks after THR Mar 2017)

"Mr Sheperd's professionalism and friendlyness put me at ease immediately. He explained all the procedures thoroughly and filled me with total confidence. I have had replacements in both my knees in the last 9 months, both of which have been very successful. I am now well on the way to full recovery and free of arthritic pain. Thank you very much indeed. "

− ER (after staged bilateral TKRs Jul 16 and Mar 17)

"My knee is brilliant with no more pain. Can't believe I put this off for 4 years and after only 4 weeks feeling great. Walking tall again! Thank you Mr Shepherd and your team. "

− BA (4 weeks after TKR Mar 2017)

"I am 43 years old and had a football injury at 21 years old. I had snapped my ACL but Bolton Hospital did not see that. Later in my life I had numerous operations, ACL repair, microfracture, clean outs etc. It got to a point where I struggled to walk down the road, holidays ruined etc because of the pain, doctors saying you are to young to have a knee replacement. Then I met Dr Shepard who in my words is a god to me. He had faith in me to give me a knee replacement and I cannot thank him enough. My life has transformed, I walk normal now I do the things I want and no pain at night. Don't get me wrong, it aint easy after the op you need to move that knee straight away and DR Shepard is the man to get your life back on track. Thank you Dr Shepard :)"

− NH (6 months after TKR Oct 2016)

"As I right this testimonial I am 6 weeks post op partial knee replacement, back at work , virtually full range of movement plus driving my car again. The hole procedure from start to finish has been to the highest standard. I would like to thank Gordon and his team personally for the life changing operation he has undertaken on me. Thank you Gordon this operation as exceeded all my expectations, as I look forward to a pain free future."

− CE-W - (6 weeks after PKR Jan 2017)

"This surgeon is a genius. He operated on me on 3 January 2017 giving me a total hip replacement. Within a fortnight I had stopped taking painkillers, and within three weeks I had ditched my crutches, much to the amazement of the Physiotherapy Department. Since then I have been virtually back to normal. I saw Mr. Shepard on 22 February and was discharged from his care. I am so grateful to him for relievingme of the pain I was having pre-operatively, and for the new lease of life I have been given. His attitude to me while I was under his care has been that of a true gentleman."

− MD (6 weeks after THR Jan 2017)

"Left and right knee replacement in close succession. done at the Beaumont hospital. Now six weeks after the second operation and both knees are brilliant! Fantastic outcome from both operations but what do you expect from a wizard! I can now walk as far as I would like to, thanks Doc."

− RW (6 weeks after staged replacement of both knees)

"I had a THR at Ramsay Euxton Hall Hospital on 15 November, 2016 and was yesterday discharged by the Physio team as I was doing so well. That is obviously a testament to your brilliant surgery."

− RA (4 weeks after THR Nov 2016)

"Had a partial knee replacement 7 weeks ago and are now walking without any aids at all.   I am very pleased with this progress and I am told it will get even better as the weeks go by.   Mr Shepard made my procedure seem very easy and I had every confidence in him from the start to the finish .   Thank you once again for an excellent procedure which was carried out at Euxton Hall Hospital. "

− JH (7 weeks after Partial Knee Replacement Oct 2016)

"Cant thank everyone enough at Gisburne Park for the quality of care I received which was second to none. Thanks to Mr Shepard, after only 8 weeks after the op I was able to sit and have breakfast without any discomfort or pain for the first time in five years. Back on my exercise bike now and hopefully will be on my road bike soon, and freedom. Thanks again Mr Shepard. "

− PB ( 8 weeks after TKR Sept 2016)

"I was a little apprehensive about my knee surgery, but I was amazed by my recovery, I was given pain killer/anti-inflammatory tables, but the day after I felt they were not needed and I was in very little pain, 5 days after I was light swimming and now 5 weeks on walking pain free, Thank you."

− AP (6 weeks after arthroscopy Oct 2016)

"Thank you SO much Mr Shephard for giving me back a normal life. Every aspect of your care was second to none and I can`t believe how soon I have recovered. Six weeks now after total hip replacement and I`m about to drive myself to the swimming pool and start my half mile swimming regime again . Pretty damned good ! You`re a miracle worker !!"

− PH (6 weeks after THR Aug 2016)

"I had my knee surgery August 2016. Mr Shepard explained everything in great clarity about, before, during and after. (the operation) Before you knew it I was 'up and about'. and with very little pain Such a pleasant knowledgeable man. Thank you"

− PT (6 weeks after arthroscopic surgery Aug 2016)

"Can't thank Mr Shepherd enough, he has changed my life. No more arthritic pain . 8 weeks on, back to driving, walking the dog and enjoying time with the grandchildren. Feel I have my life back . All thanks to Mr Shepherd and his team. Can't praise them enough "

− KB (8 weeks after TKR July 2016)

"THR in july 2016 , 6 week post op and i feel fantastic , minimal pain from day one of op and walking without aids from week three , after having severe pain and limited walking daily for a long time i now have a new lease of life. A BIG THANKS to Mr Shepard ( my little hero ) "

− JB (6 weeks after THR in Jul 2016)

"I was apprehensive of having my hip replaced but Mr Shepard advised me of all the options and choices. Throughout the whole procedure I was well looked after by Mr Shepard and the staff at the hospital. Since having my operation 6 months ago I am now back at the gym, and walking and going about my everyday activities without the intense pain.Thank you for helping me get on with the rest of my life."

− JM (6 months after THR in Feb 2016)

"I had a limp for over 20 years ,had both TKR 1st in march 16 2nd in june 16 and now walking without limp and in no pain. very glad to have had my new knees. MR Shepard, physio and all staff have been professional, caring, helpful and friendly with my care in hospital and also after care. many thanks"

− AL (2 and 4 Months following TKRs in April and June 2016)

"My knee was done on the 13th June, brilliant job, I would use him again, thanks for a good job and thanks to the caring staff at Beaumont hospital"

− JC ( 6 weeks after Arthroscopic Surgery June 2016)

"I would like to thank Mr Shepard most sincerely for the great job he did on my knee I am now able to walk without sticks after only six weeks thank you for a great job"

− JC (6 Weeks after Total Knee Replacement April 2016)

"I am so grateful that I can now walk pain free after my total hip replacement surgery done by Mr Shepard on 20th April. I am 86 years old and can honestly say that my quality of life has been improved considerably due to this. I found Mr Shepard to be a highly skilled and competent surgeon who is also very approachable and reassuring. After 6 weeks post surgery I am able to walk without my crutches and would say that I now feel 20 years younger!! Thankyou Mr Shepard and all your team."

− JR (6 weeks after Total Hip Replacement Apr 2016)

"Had my left hip replaced on 29th February. Absolutely no pain from day one of the operation. (after over a year of pain, and not being able to walk far) One of the best decisions I have made to have the operation. I cannot fault my surgeon, he was amazing and the care following the procedure was very good. Thankyou Mr. Shepard for everything. It has given me my life back "

− YM (Total Hip Replacement Feb 2016)

"More than happy with Mr Shepard and his team ,not only before but after the operation , Mr Shepard paid a visit not only just to me but to all his patients shortly after the operation and every day afterwards I found Mr Shepard approachable and easy to talk to. I have now been discharged after just short of 6 weeks and can now concentrate on getting back to full fitness."

− WB (Total Knee Replacement March 2016)

"Brilliant surgeon. Walking without crutches after 4 weeks and finally getting back to a normal life. A true professional. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. A big thank you to you and your staff for all your kind help."

− TB (Total Hip Replacement March 2016)

"I cannot fault the treatment and care that I received from Mr Shepard. He explained everything about the operation in a way I could understand. The operation to replace my knee was very successful and I was walking very well without aids after one week. "

− MM (Total Knee Replacement March 2016)

"Now seven weeks since my total knee replacement and the difference it has made is unbelievable!!! Almost pain free with fantastic movement things can only get better. Can't thank Mr Shepard enough. Great job by himself and his team."

− SB (Total Knee Replacement Feb 2016)

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