STAGE 1: 0-6 weeks


To wear hinged knee brace locked in extension 24 hours a day for 6 weeks (Can unlock brace twice a day to do range of motion exercises)

Partial weight bearing

No active knee extension or dynamic quadriceps exercises (may do static quads)


Adequate analgesia

Swelling management

Teach ROM exercises aiming to get 0-90 (within limit of pain), active flexion, passive extension

Teach how to unlock and adjust brace


STAGE 2: 6-12 weeks


Adequate Analgesia

Swelling management

Progress to independent FWB

Wean out of brace

ROM exercises: Progress to full ROM

Knee muscle strengthening exercises: May begin quads closed and open chain exercises

Core stability, gluteal control, balance proprioception

Gait re-education


STAGE 3: 12 weeks – 6months


May return to jogging at 4 months once can balance on uneven surfaces

No return to sport



As stage 2 plus:

Jump training, agility training, plyometrics, single leg hop testing

Sport / occupational specific training


STAGE 4 : over 6 months

Graded return to sport if consultant agrees (based on X-ray findings)


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