"Excellent service and treatment all round. My initial consultation was on 30th March 2017 and my actual procedure was only just over 3 weeks later on 24th April. I have now been signed off by Mr Shepard (9th June) and my knee feels so much stronger following the procedure and the follow-up physio appointments. Thank you so much."

− GW (6 weeks after arthroscopic surgery Apr 2017)

"My knee was done on the 13th June, brilliant job, I would use him again, thanks for a good job and thanks to the caring staff at Beaumont hospital"

− JC (6 weeks after arthroscopic surgery June 2016)

""Throughout the whole process, from initial consult to final visit, I could not have asked for or had better treatment. The professionalism showed by Mr Shepard and his team and the friendliness, made something I had slight apprehension about a pleasant experience. Thank you""

− JH (after arthroscopic meniscectomy)

""Mr Shepard is a man who gets the job done. He gives confidence to his patients. From thinking I may have to walk with a stick or on crutches, I am now happy to walk unaided. Big thanks!""

− HJ (after arthroscopic surgery for arthritis)

""I've had this problem for 15 years and no-one could explain it. Mr Shepard has cured it with a single procedure. I wish I'd come sooner!""

− EB (after arthroscopic treatment of a plica)

""I'm absolutely thrilled by what you have done. I'm back to walking miles without any pain. You've given me my life back! Thank you.""

− ET - (6 weeks after arthroscopic debridement)

""There was an instant relief of pain. I knew as soon as I woke up that my problem was gone. Magic! Thanks so much!""

− DB - (6 weeks after arthroscopic meniscectomy)

""I have had two knee arthroscopies,both procedures (on different knees) carried out by Mr. G. J. Shepard, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, within a period of 8 months. The procedures took place at the BMI Beaumont Hospital, Lostock, Bolton. I have been very satisfied with the level of care prior and post surgery. I have also been very satisfied with the results from these procedures as they have alleviated the symptoms that had been presented prior to the surgery. Mr. Shepardhas also carried out a knee arthroscopy for my husband with great success. I would have no hesitation in recommending this medical intervention, carried out by Mr. Shepard, to anyone needing the same investigation and/or suffering the same symptoms as myself.""

− VS (after arthroscopic debridement for early arthritis)

""You've sorted me out. My pain and limp have gone and I'm back to normal.""

− GC - (6 weeks after arthroscopic meniscectomy)

""I can't believe how quickly I was back to normal! The biggest discomfort after the op was having to wear the bandage!! After 2 days when that came off, I felt back to normal." "

− NC - (6 weeks after arthroscopic meniscectomy)

""Brilliant, my knee is back to normal. I could feel the difference from the day after the surgery. Thank you so much.""

− AG - (6 weeks after arthroscopic debridement)

"The surgery has been a revelation. My life has returned to normal. I had no pain at all after the surgery which I found amazing.""

− PW - (6 weeks after arthroscopic debridement)

""A job well done! Thanks!""

− SN - (6 weeks after arthroscopic debridement)

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