"From my initial consultation to my hip replacement Mr Shepard has been brilliant throughout, he has answered every question that was asked in a clear and understandable manner. Thank you very much Mr Shepard."

− EM (8 weeks after THR Mar 2017)

"This surgeon is a genius. He operated on me on 3 January 2017 giving me a total hip replacement. Within a fortnight I had stopped taking painkillers, and within three weeks I had ditched my crutches, much to the amazement of the Physiotherapy Department. Since then I have been virtually back to normal. I saw Mr. Shepard on 22 February and was discharged from his care. I am so grateful to him for relievingme of the pain I was having pre-operatively, and for the new lease of life I have been given. His attitude to me while I was under his care has been that of a true gentleman."

− MD (6 weeks after THR Jan 2017)

"I had a THR at Ramsay Euxton Hall Hospital on 15 November, 2016 and was yesterday discharged by the Physio team as I was doing so well. That is obviously a testament to your brilliant surgery."

− RA (4 weeks after THR Oct 2016)

"Thank you SO much Mr Shephard for giving me back a normal life. Every aspect of your care was second to none and I can`t believe how soon I have recovered. Six weeks now after total hip replacement and I`m about to drive myself to the swimming pool and start my half mile swimming regime again . Pretty damned good ! You`re a miracle worker !!"

− PH (6 weeks after THR Aug 2016)

"THR in july 2016 , 6 week post op and i feel fantastic , minimal pain from day one of op and walking without aids from week three , after having severe pain and limited walking daily for a long time i now have a new lease of life. A BIG THANKS to Mr Shepard ( my little hero ) "

− JB (6 weeks post THR Jul 2016)

"I was apprehensive of having my hip replaced but Mr Shepard advised me of all the options and choices. Throughout the whole procedure I was well looked after by Mr Shepard and the staff at the hospital. Since having my operation 6 months ago I am now back at the gym, and walking and going about my everyday activities without the intense pain. Thank you for helping me get on with the rest of my life. "

− JM (6 months after THR Feb 2016)

"I am so grateful that I can now walk pain free after my total hip replacement surgery done by Mr Shepard on 20th April. I am 86years old and can honestly say that my quality of life has been improved considerably due to this. I found Mr Shepard to be a highly skilled and competent surgeon who is also very approachable and reassuring. After 6 weeks post surgery I am able to walk without my crutches and would say that I now feel 20years younger!! Thankyou Mr Shepard and all your team."

− JR (6 weeks after THR Apr 2016)

"Had my left hip replaced on 29th February. Absolutely no pain from day one of the operation. (after over a year of pain, and not being able to walk far) One of the best decisions I have made to have the operation. I cannot fault my surgeon, he was amazing and the care following the procedure was very good. Thankyou Mr. Shepard for everything. It has given me my life back"

− YM (6 weeks after THR Feb 2016)

"I would thank to MR Shepard, I now have complete control of my life again, after only 6 weeks I am walking without any aid and pain free after having my right hip replaced, I am looking forward to doing all the things from the past that sadly I had to stop due to the pain I was suffering ( holidays in the sunshine walking ). I just wish I had taken the opportunity years ago. Looking forward to the rest of my days with a skip in my step. Again many thanks to Mr Shepard."

− AS - Feb 2016

""Amazing, you're a wizard!! Within 2 weeks of the op I was walking without pain or crutches. I'm getting back on my bike tomorrow!""

− PP (6 weeks after uncemented THR)

""It's absolutely brilliant. You've given me my quality of life back. I'm walking 4 miles a day now when before I could barely walk to the corner of the street!""

− SC (6 weeks after uncemented THR)

""It's wonderful to walk without pain again. Thank you very much!""

− DP (6 months after cemented THR)

""I had no pain right from the beginning. I can't believe a hip replacement can go through such a small scar! I've recommended you to all my friends.""

− BW (6 weeks after THR)

""It's fantastic! I'm going back to work for the first time in 3 years! Cant thank you and your staff enough for what you have done.""

− DH (8 weeks after THR)

""You've given me a new lease of life. I'm back to swimming, cycling and walking miles.""

− MG ( 6 months after THR)

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